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Changes in my Leo.

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    In my Leos latest communication he appears to be sincerely more interested in me & my life directions. What is bringing about this change?

    We have not had communication in the last 4 months as we both have experienced hard times/ going through some stuff. And since he has gone the extra mile to get back in contact with me he seems different. He speaks to me as though we are in some sort of a relationship (which I do not mind). Stating things as such: I am going to help you. I will teach you… among others. We are both 35 and live on different coast. He makes the initial contact efforts & I think he prefers that choice. I don’t really care. I like the chase. In the past I’d become irritated with him & his words then I’d cut off/out. He always comes back with sweet gestures, but this time it is different. So different it seems unreal. As though someone else is speaking for him. It’s him & his words but not his voice. Please help me to understand. Thank you.
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