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    Last April my partner of 10 years left me. He said it was because I was neglectful. We have remained close. I met somebody wonderful, and I pursued a relationship. When I told my ex, he began dating as well. After a couple of months he told me that he loved me, forgave me and wanted me back. He said that I was his best friend and wanted nothing more then to treat me the way I deserve and he would never take me for granted again. Naturally this confused and hurt me. He has hurt me sooo many times in the past. I was happy and yet I doubted myself. I chose to break it off with the new guy so i could give myself time to figure out what I should do. I was unable to comeletly break it off, the new guy and I continued to be intamate. I really had strong feelings for him. After a couple of months, I decided I should stay with the new guy. Shortly after I began to doubt my choice again and self distructed a prefectly good relationship. Currently I am with neither, but I remain close to both. I am unable to decipher my feelins. Do I love the new guy, do I want my past lover or should I not pursue either. I care for both deeply. I feel as though I love both. I refrain from choosing either as to not upset either of them. I am feeling very confused and sad. 

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