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    so there is this guy , hes a scorpio . i am a cancerian and i do feel very very attracted towards him . i feel a string pulling me towards him . i see him everyday in college , and the thing is that i want too see him . Every morning i wake up , hoping to see him . I find him starring at me ALOT . He stares ALOT !!! .ALmost every time i see him , he looking at me . He knows me through a friend . We have had our hi hellos . But the thing is that he stares me alot for the last 3 months . He knows i like him . But he hasnt approached me yet! . i dont know whats his problem . If hes not interested then he shud not be starring . but he stares ALOT !!! . and i want to move on but i cant . I convince myself to move on but then i have that eye contact with him and i come back to the point where it all started ! .I actually care for him . I get worried if he misses his class or has a fight with some one . Its been 3 months now and to be honest im tired of liking him , wanting to see him everyday . i want to MOVE ON now but i cant ! :/ ..and what i dont undersatnd is if hes not interested then why does he stare ???? …because of him , i avoid talking to random guys the best i can . If he sees me talking to a guy , he gets all curious . He peeks and stuff. BUT I WANT TO MOVE ON !!!!! soo entagled ! ..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help ! ..what do i doo ???? …iv started feeling that i belong to him only . ITs not good , i shud be with a person who cares for me . WHAT DO I DOO do i move on OR should i even try to move on ???? …PLEASE HELP ..cuz its hurts ! , it hurts to like some one this much ! ..some one who maybe doesnt give a shit about me …PLEASE HELPPP !!!!!!!!

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    Scorpios have this staring problem 😉 They stare people to “know them better” and inside their head they are figuring out possible future scenarios.

    There is some part of you that still wants to give this thing a chance and experience him. So you might not be able to move on until the experience and understanding is complete and deep. We humans can’t fight ourselves. But there must be a way to make some progress.

    Actually there is an emotional debt between you and him, it has to be settled, otherwise this thing will keep haunting you. Best way is to talk straight to him about this. Any relationship demands clear and fearless communication. You can share with him your feelings in a non-demanding or controlling way.

    If that doesn’t helps, you need to break the cord of attachment as mentioned in this book – Cut Cord of Attachment


    I dont think he likes me , had he liked me , he wud have made a move ! ….its been 3 months , he knows i like him . All he does is STARE !! …and i doo feel that connection , i think i know what he is like from inside but i cant do much . If i try to talk to him or stuff , its just gonna make me look desperste ! …its complicated ..we have mutual friends  and if i make a move , ill be a big joke !  ….How do i settle down the emotional debt ??? …some times , i feel like going up to him and tell him STOP SARRING !!!!!


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