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Dating a Capricorn is difficult

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    I am a virgo woman dating a capricorn man. He is loving and is perfect in every way EXCEPT his jealously. He is very protective to the point I am afraid to talk to the oppiste sex and his jealously has caused me to leave him several times. He is a good man, but I’m not liking the possessive part. Maybe it would be cute if I was young and dumb. But I am a 39 year old Virgo that is not willing to put up with it.. How can we stay together and be as strong as I think we can be?    



    Hey Koko, I’m a capricorn (Male) May seem a bit ironic though your question is being replied by the young and dumb, haha. (I’m 17) but out of all seriousness capricorns were extremely protective of family and loved ones, and making us think or feel other wise will 99% of the time make us very, very gloomy people. If you are truly striving to make you and your partner a solid unit you need to find a way to make sure that his love is on the same magnitude and his intentions are the same as yours. My aunt is a Virgo, and probably one of the most respected people in my life, and she’s also had dating problems still to this day. (She’s 34) though personally my wisdom of all this is probably nothing compared to an actual adult. Though I’d suggest really seeing if its worth it, see if his expectations, hopes, love is all something that will benefit the both of you. Sorry to hear the struggle. I hope everything gets resolved.





    this is so true!

    im a leo woman and my bf is a capricorn.before we got into a committed realationship,it took all my patience,and i mean PATIENCE with this arrogant, difficult man to change the way he thinks about relationships and to prove to him that i am the one.

    he is so hard to talk to at times, acting like such an asshole,treats you cold,pretty emotionless (unless you make them mad, and yes, they have a short temper), will not just easily agree with you unless you convince him with much patience.

    capricorns have a high standards when it comes to finding mates, they are also family oriented and very conservative.

    being an asshole, is their way to hide the sensitive part in them.yes.they are also sensitive!

    but they are just trying to conceal it with being arrogant and acting cold.cos they are just secretly waiting for the right person who is gonna be able to see thru it all, and make them feel loved the way they wanted to be.

    and to be clear, capricorns will be like this,ALWAYS. either they want you or not, they are simply like this,trying to build walls around them and waiting for the perfect person to break it.

    if youre the perfect-almost person that they are looking for,like they see something inspiring or amazing for them in you, then you are in luck. cos it means, atleast you got their time. cos capricorns, known to be career oriented people, they tend to focus more with their work. so if you got some of their time, it means youre that worthy enough!:)


    i am a scorp/sag, and i am having issues with my capricon. i except the fact we are friends because that is what he said he wants. now he he is flirting with me what is that about.

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