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does saggitsrius man keep his promisses?

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    i met a guy on fsting sitlast may 25,he is a ssggitarius man snd im a tsurus woman

    he was sooo hot steamy and so sure want to marry me ad doon as possoble,we had good comunication and he is sure eill pick and imediatelly wantbto tske me eith him,forvthat he paid an sttorney require somd beaurocratie as im living in Indonesia snd he is in Usa but now since a monthbwhich is soon August and hecwill come to pick me but he seems lack in comunication,im taurus and thats makes me think alot if  will kerp his promisses to me,shall i wsit or i let it go since theres some guys in line for me ?? does he really love me according he was so nervous when wr do chat and cam?.

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