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    i am a saggitarian by the zodiac. recently I observed that my friends in the hostel are trying to kick me out of the hostel. They are trying to put my head down in front of my Mom and other society and without supporting me the warden is supporting them. In the past I did some mistakes by making them naked in front of the others through informing about their wrong moves.

    During the past two months, I am observing that my enemies are growing up more than my friends. I am even not getting support from my Mom.

    please suggest what to do and how they will all quit.





    Ask Oracle

    I used your date of birth to find major astrological transits affecting you. Yes what you have been saying is indicated in planterary transits of Rahu/Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter. There will be confusion, uncertainity for next few months and then things will greatly improve to give you some glory and respect.

    This will not stop soon but slowly disperse with time. My suggestions would be:

    1. Take this as a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills and personal development. Great leaders rise through constant struggle, opposition and fight.
    2. Focus on your health, some early morning exercises can help you fight back fear and regain lots of confidence.
    3. Find out your weak spots and learn skills to improve on those areas. Make sure you don’t lose focus on other imp. things like studies/career etc.
    4. Friendships and enemity are two sides of the same coin. Friends can turn into enemy and vice versa.
    5. Make sure you are properly communicating and expressing your thoughts. A good communication can double your strength.

    Best  wishes 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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