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Finding Romance

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    I’ve like this boy whose name is Eric Ongley ever since 8th grade (dob is March 19, 1995). I’ve always wanted to be close friends with him but It never seemed to get to that point, I eventually found him on facebook and we became friends on there, and started talking to him again.  I finally see him again at graduation in person and we had only got a chance to chat for a little while and then he said he had to go. I’m rather sad now that he is in a relationship with a girl named Lisa Danielle , and I feel as thought I wasn’t able to be a friend to him. My question is, will I ever get a date with him sometime in the future, because I don’t think about anyone one else as much as I think about him, and It’s hard to get my mind off of him. Or will I end up not dating anyone and remain single and get over everything, or perhaps find someone else this summer or during college?

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