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Gemini woman (me), Scorpio man (him)

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    Does anybody have some experience with this combination? Even this site says there can be bumpy patches but if we find the happy medium, our love will be the eternal kind they write fairy tales about <3. 

    The guy I really like is a Scorpio, and as soon as I saw him, he took my breath away. I was stuttering and nervous and blushing, ugh so embarrassing! We have known each other for 6 months, and we live 50 minutes from each other. He is unwavering and is dedicated to getting his finances in order and taking care of his daughter which given our age (he is 25, I am 23,) I LOVE. 


    He tells me he loves me, and that he isn’t going anywhere, that I make him happy, and he feels special and different and felt that instant connection as soon as we met also. However, I am feeling discouraged because he won’t hang out with me. He works full time and goes to school at night, and gets his daughter on weekends, so I understand he is busy. But I also think that if I was important and he missed me, he would make time for me. We are both very honest, and we don’t lie to each other, and he gets very annoyed when I bring this topic up and question the sincerity of his feelings. He knows I would do anythin and everything for him, I always drive the 50 min to go see him but I would like some effort on his part. I tell him I want to spend time with him and not just have sex, and he says he knows this, and reassures me. I know scorpios are hesitant to trust, and he has been burnt in the past, so I understand him being cautious, but how long does it usually take? Should I back off and make him think I’m not wrapped around his finger? Because I want him to realize that he has to show me some effort or my hurt feelings aren’t going to allow me to stick around that much Longer. I also don’t want me backing off to completely ruin the progress and trust that I have finally gained with him. I care about him, and I just want to do what’s right by both of us. Thanks for your advice in advance. :-)

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