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He didn’t call me 2 years

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    we were madly in love Andrej 21-feb-1982 and me 16-july-1979. We wanted children. We were…destined to be. And then… blink of an eye. no friend on FB..No his name on gmail messenger…We saw each other three times-first time he ignored me .Second time he said my closeness hurts him physsicaly.Third time he behaved like at very beginning-but he didn’t ask for phone, and whatsoever, never called or ask for FB or some other online friendship. But I feel, somehow that he loves me. Problem is that i am again with the guy, that I was with when I met Andrej. ia that what stopes him. Or I am so crazy that i can’t believe that he doesn’t love me’ Why he never find a girl and said to me that I destroyed him, because I am girl that completely suits him..and uplifted his criteria for other girls. People what do you think…What to do?

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