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He wants me, he wants me not?

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    I’m a cancer, he’s a cap

    Obviously a lot more has gone on than what I’m about to write but to break it down:-

    We met, he asked me out, we went out, we arranged another date, he let me down, he asked me out again, but I decided to say no because he said he had sent me a text, which I never recieved and I didn’t want to end up hurt in the long run about a few days later I realised I had jumped the gun, so I said I had never got his text but if he still wanted to I’d be up for going out again, he seemed pleased, arranged another date…cancelled, re scheduled…he dissapears for 3 weeks…

    I then recieve a text out the blue, asking how I am, what I was up to, telling me I’m beautiful and he misses me. I told him to come round, which to my suprise he did, telling me that he didn’t think I was that interested, that’s why he’d been acting that way but he’d got jealous when he read I was out with other men and he knew he was going to lose me, that he had thought about me every day and that he wants to be with me…I told him that I didn’t know what to say because no one had ever said that to me before but I would like to see him again.

    Anyway he went home, we text a bit for the next 2-3 days but it feels like when we’re apart we can’t commincate and just drift off we had arranged to go out again…tuesday things seemed good, wednesday I didn’t hear from him, thursday I text him, waited 7 hours for a reply nothing…so I text jokingly asking if he’s trying to dissapear on me again he says he’s not, we arrange a time for the next day…I hear nothing.

    It’s like he believe everything he’s saying when he’s present, he’ll ask me about marriage and children quiet a bit, he even gave me his address last time and wanted to take a picture of us together.

    I’ve asked him why he keeps arranging to meet me and not turning up, I’ve tried sharing some of how I feel (not over the top) just that it’s a shame because when he does show up, he’s a great guy, he’s funny and I can talk with him about everything, I’ve tried being friendly to show I’m not going to be angry, I’ve even said forget everything I’ve said. Nothing is getting through to him, he’s just completely ignoring every message I send and I know he’s read them.

    I’ve told him last time, if he just wants to be friends it’s cool, yet he says he doesn’t and physically he finds me attractive. I see no reason why he wouldn’t just tell me he’s not interested seeings as I have done the same to him before at the beginning…

    The thing is I’d really like to be friends with him, if nothing more I’m 100% okay with that and wouldn’t be having any secret feelings as a friend if he acted like a friend.

    I try not to see the bad in people as he knows my past and I’d like to think he’d be straight up with me and wouldn’t want to hurt me.

    Now he’s actually removed his social networking profile all together after recieving another message from me… I thought he may have just blocked me, but he’s defintely removed it.

    It’s obvious he doesn’t want to be with me, else he’d be with me. I’m not stupid. I just wonder why he’s doing this?

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