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Help! I’m confused with a libra boy

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    Hello. I’m nabila, I’m an aries. I’m in love with a libra boy. So its started from…he break up with his girfriend,cause she says it didn’t work. About some weeks later…oh wait, I’m a gamer lol,and he also a gamer. One day he knows that i also plays the same MMORPG like him and he ask me to play together. We almost always play together in that game every holidays, time passes by, we get closer and now we are best friends. But i think he just falled for me, he does what a man does when they are fall in love lol..but i think i also falled for him..hmm, and then skip untill we passes to the next class. He looks different,he doesn’t do something weird again, he looks more ‘serious’. and now,when he ask me to play together,he usually calls me, and when in the game, it is not like playing He is more nicer and sweeter when in the But one day, his ex had a troube with her boyfriend, but they dont break up yet. and my crush is like getting closer with his ex..but i don’t know?..does he like me? or his ex?..this is so confusing..please give me advices!



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