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Help me please I’m a taurus in love with an Aries

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    Hi Im a taurus male and I was with an Aries woman we split up for the second time in 2 weeks because she wanted me to change and I did because as a taurus and what I understand of my zodiac that I made her the one for me I really strongly believe we were meant to be and she felt the same telling me stuff like I don’t wanna lose you again marry me have a baby with me etc. now after she made me snap slightly she has started being vindictive and nasty about me along with her work mates she also has “apparently” put a harassment order on me which I know is rubbish but the fear of that has made me not contact her to fight for her will she come around and realise that we are meant to be or silly question give up despite its not in my nature as a taurus please help I’m so hurt and confused

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