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help :p please

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    Okay well here it goes first off let me say im torn in between the two im with a pisces man and im a pisces woman also i am seeing a scorpio man.

    now heres the thing i ment the pisces man im with before the scorpio man but the pisces man lives like 4 hours away from me and its kinda hard to trust him but i dont wanna let him go and the scorpio man lives about 30 mins or less from me.

    shoot i dont trust him either but it just feels good to have a shoulder to cry on and to have company when i need it….

    But the thing i dislike about the scorpio man is that he is to much in meaning he wants to be around me 24/7 and i dont wanna see him everyday he talks bout how much hes in love with me and he cant do with out me and in mind its like”man im only dating yuh because you give me comfort but im not trying to lose you at all” i do not want him talking to other females thoe i guess you can say i want my cake and eat it tooBut i wont say so.

    Now as for the pisces man the thing i dislike about him is that he always seems sneeky like he is up to somthing and when i ask hes always saying i have no trust in him and blah blah blah blah lol but the thing is how can i when you so far and him saying that makes me really thing wooh maybe he is doing somthing but thats just me.

    Now i really dont know what to do in the end i wanna make the right desision and i dont wanna regret anything what so ever.

                                                 so please can you help me

                                                      i will apprectiate it

                                                         jadane keyes

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