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Hmm….what can i say about love…i just need some advice..

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    A boy loves me.we first met on facebook.he tell me i love u and i take 3 days to say i love him too.he is 7 years older than me…we want to get marry after 5 years…we don’t see each-other face to face…we talk on mobile phone in week once…..his mother & father accept me..but i’m afraid of my mom-dad.soo i want to know that i should be with him or break his heart i don’t know..plz hepl me..reply fast.. 😐

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    @asmitanirmal991gmail-com Are you really in Love? you know what it is?

    If you knew love you wouldn’t have planned for 5 years. Who knows what might happen in these years. Love is here and now. Love is a celebration. Love is fearless, total.

    If you knew love you would have known that there is no way for you to break his or anyone’s heart.

    The best thing would be go out with this guy, have some fun and get to know eachother in real. Know if it is really Love or just some crazy idea not worth much.

    Best wishes.

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