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How can a Libra man turn so vicious and unkind?

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    I am aquarius, my husband is libra. we had the most blissfully happy relationship in the world. I trusted him completely and would have never believed things would end up this way. We seemed to literally complete each other. He was so kind and compassionate to everyone and he always made me feel so loved and safe. The happiest days of my life were spent with him. We were forcibly separated when I had to leave him in his country, guaGuatemala, so I could start the process of bringing him back to the u.s. legally. It took almost three years,but we talked on the phone at least twice a day and I went back a couple of times. Then suddenly he became infatuated with this other girl and nothing else matters. His entire personality has changed and not just to me,but to everyonein his family who dares to disapprove. He is here now,but he refuses to live with me and stays with his brother. He’s cold and ruthless. He still wants sex occasionally,but then he leaves right after and will never spend the night. I go from being infuriated to destroyed.  In the beginning he seemed genuinely concerned about me being hurt. He used to be so sensitive and sweet. Things would touch him so deeply he would cry at the drop of a hat. Now he makes fun of me when I cry! It’s like he’s a different person. I waited three years for him and now he just flippantly tells me he doesn’t want to be with me and that he gave me all the love he had in the past,but now that’s over. I’ve had my time, now all he wants is her and that’s just the way it is so I need to deal with it. I think also what makes it even more painful is he told her that we never had a relationship other than friends, that he’s never had sex with me even! That the marriage was only for papersAnd he told me that he said that because she wouldn’t be with him otherwise. So she feels within her rights to derisively tell me that he doesn’t love me and never did, that I’m just a crazy person that is trying to hold onto him even though we never had a relationship. I have at least 100 pictures on fb that she’s seen where it’s very obvious we were a real in love couple,but she never acknowledges that. And he thinks it’s perfectly fine no matter what venom she spits at me. The real trouble is I loved and trusted him so much that I’m in physical pain from what he’s done. And I’m so stupid I still love him and want him. I need to understand how he could be so cruel, so unlike anything I ever saw in him before.And how do I let go? I feel like I’m dying, my heart is broken beyond repair, sometimes I genuinely would prefer death. All this and I still want him! If anyone has any insight that could help me understand and maybe try to begin healing then please help me! I don’t know what to do or how to go on from this depth of betrayal from the one man I believed in so completely.

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