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How has astrology helped you?

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    I am curious to know if astrology is proving to be useful for you?

    One part where it definitely helps is “awareness” of issues.

    In my case, it has helped me highlight two imp. areas in my life –

    • Money –  I can’t seem to make any money from local people, my chart strongly indicates income through foreign sources and has come out true so far. Any business deal that involved local people created more problems and neglibile money.
    • Impact of Nodes – I hve seen Moon’s nodes, also called Rahu – Ketu causing serious problems in my life when they transit my Sun/Moon along 5th-11th house axis every 9 years. 😐
    • Jupiter/Saturn Effects – Jupiter always brings along happiness and joy. Saturn brought problems and changes.

    In recent years my area of interest has been to find out if it was possible to avoid problems indicated through astrology. How are you making use of this beautiful thing called astrology?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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