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How to stop being cursed?

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    I seem to be cursed, everything about my life is negative and have tired over and over again to find the inner peace, try to be positive. But I am so alone, this lonliness is killing me, day by day grains of hope of any form of future slip away. I try to be kind, I try to talk, I try everything, yet I seem to be non-existant in this world. Not one person cares for me, not one person ever notices me. How do I stop this curse?

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    What makes you think that this is a curse? And even if it is, it could be turned into your benefit. Its nice that you are finding a way out through this situation.

    Astrologically past 3 years were more difficult because Saturn was transiting 8th house from your natal Moon and at the same time aspecting your natal Sun. But that’s past, this will slowly improve and in next 2 yrs you could find yourself surrounded by lots of love and hope.

    Well to get positive and hopeful, you can really focus on your health, learn some breathing exerises/pranayma and meditation. And you’re not alone, we love you. So don’t fall into this nonsense idea that people don’t care about you. 🙂


    I often feel that too-being alone. I always think that I’m alone and because of that I was used in isolating myself from others. I always think that nobody cares or even try to listen in what I want to say. It is really difficult for me to express my thoughts to someone but Im trying to be more active even if sometimes I want to give up. I just realized that I can’t be always be like this in my whole life. So, just don’t lose hope. Maybe you just have to start with yourself. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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