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I am an accident victim so interested to know my future

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    I am an accident victim since 1989.In the same year i completed my B.Com degree.On may 19’th of 1989 i met with a road accident.Fortunately i am having caring parents so i am able to spend time till date engaging my self into some work or other,with my parents support.

                  But now ,in my present days i am getting getting worried regarding my future.It will be kind of you if could read out my future.

                           Thanking you,                              N.Nirenjan Reddy

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    You did not mention if that accident left you with any disability or physical problems. At the time of accident you were going through a vimshottari dasha of Ketu and antardasha of Saturn. While Ketu is very malefic in your birth chart and Saturn is both malefic and maarkesh (killing) for your birth chart.

    I would like to telll you dasha of Sun has already begun early this year. Being lord of 2nd house and positioned in 7th house, it is okay but it is also another maarkesh(killing) planet for you. Next two years will be fine with growth yet restlessness. Some gain but yet something missing.

    Around 2014 Saturn’s antardasha would begin. Not so good days after that.


    a) Meditation

    b) Sri Vishnu Sahasranama

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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