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I confessed my 10 years love to the Virgo man !

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    I need help !!
    I’m a 22 year old Gemini girl and I love a 24 year old Virgo man (a friend of my bro).
    The thing is that i have loved him for the hole past 10 years, but he didn’t know about it until last week.. I know, I know !! i shouldn’t let it grow but i just couldn’t kicked him out of my system 🙁
    Believe me, i tried so hard to just move on and start with other guys but when we reach the kissing part, I always find my insides empty and trying to imagine him kissing me instead of the guy I m with.
    Now, after i confessed everything to him, I said let’s start with friendship and he agreed. He even complemented me twice and He’s treating me very kind.. He’s calling me and we’re making plans to go out as friends. And one time he said that when we were younger, he wanted to kiss me on my lips but he didn’t knew why and he still doesn’t know.

    The problem is that it’s extremely hard to be around him and have to be just a friend.. sometimes i think i may attack him with passionate kisses 🙁
    I’m loving him all over again every time I see him.. and I can’t wait until the happy ending, but what if there’s no happy ending?
    What if he never loves me back like I do?
    What if we stay just friends forever ??

    I already told him everything about my feelings last week, but I want to know if he likes me by treating me kind or he’s just trying not to hurt and be nice to me ? and by the way I call him in the phone more than he does 🙁 things are not clear when it comes to his feelings for me.. I have been waiting for the past 10 years and I will wait more if that’s what I need to do but It’s so hard for me with not knowing if he likes me or not !! is there any tricks i can use to know for sure ?? And I want to know if i need to treat him in some special way, because I heard that Virgo man is so critical and cold.. and it’s so hard to befriend him let alone get him to love you 🙁

    Please I really need to know how to make him crazy about me like I’m about him, my heart will break all over again if he didn’t :'(
    Please.. my life depends on your help, I will appreciate it forever ♥

    thanks for reading.

    Ask Oracle

    Your life is really going gr8 and I can’t understand why you have so many conflicting ideas in your mind.

    This time will never come in your life again, so go out and have the best of it. Also every moment is already so joyful that you don’t have to worry abt future.

    There is this thing called Surrender. And it actually all about enjoying what you have than “thinking” unnecessarily.

    If you feel like kissing him, just do, don’t control.

    If you feel like calling him often, just do it.

    If you feel like expressing your feelings just do it. Just do everything and don’t hold anything back.

    Now the tricky part –

    See the most important thing about having a great relationship is taking great care of your body, health and mind. No body wants a person who is sick, unhealthy, has too many fears and thoughts, and who is controlling, complaining and dominating etc.

    Also there is really no fool proof way to know if a person loves you or not. This question has no answer because a person who is trusting and faithful never finds the need to ask such a question and a person who is confused and doubting will always get a negative answer.

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