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I Miss My Scorpio

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    I’m a cancer and my first love is a scorpio. We use to be really good friends and every time our eyes would meet it would be a vivacious energy. Now we don’t talk and I think he was trying to get my intention. By smiling and looking in my eyes, but me being a cancer I thought that I was not good enough so I shied away. We stopped saying hi after my friend would be kind of  physical, and they would interrupted me from say hi to him. After I got that friend to stop being so physical and didn’t talk to them a lot , so I could focus on the scorpio. Then scorpio guy eyes started to seem cold every time they would meet mine, and the scorpio probably hates me and now and I’m so hurt. I love this person more than any thing and they probably don’t even know how I feel, and I’m to scarred, and shy to tell them. It seem that he’s interested in some one else because when I’m in the same area as him he mite look at me with that cold look of his, and turn back to the object of his intention. Did I louse the love of my life and if so how do I get him back into my life.

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