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I’m a Pisces and I am confused between a Cancer and a Scorpio! Help!

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    I am looking for advice.
    I have been dating a Cancer since I was about 16. We moved in together after high school. About a year ago we broke things off and I moved in with my best friend. Since then, our relationship has been very back and forth. Granted, we are young so I figure it takes some time to figure things out. Over this previous summer we weren’t together and I ended up meeting a Scorpio. The first time I met him it didn’t seem like anything more then friends. Then we went out one night with all of our friends and I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. We spent a lot of time together this summer and waited for some time before we had sex. And when we did, it was nothing short of amazing. They way him and I connect is crazy. He is the one guy I have felt different about. We don’t have to talk everyday and I still know that his feelings wouldn’t change. Anywho, I didn’t know if my relationship with the scorpio would ever get serious, and it didn’t. It was something fun and I had been in a relationship forever! I ended up getting back together with my ex, the Cancer. We are now engaged. The day after I got engaged, the Scorpio tried calling me just to catch up, when I told him I was engaged he was heart broken. It’s been about two months since I’ve been engaged and he will not leave me alone about it. I never knew he really had that strong of feelings for me but he knows the way him and I connect is something neither of us can deny. This previous weekend I went and saw the Scorpio, I wanted to know if there was still that spark or if my Fiance is the one. Who was I kidding? The scorpio and I had the time of our lives that night. I feel like I can live life and be young (I am only 22). Now, I am writting this. I will say, I do love my Fiance, but our realtionship is nothing close to perfect. Now he is a great guy and would do anything for me. But I do not feel those intense emotions I do when I’m with the scorpio. My Fiance is a very sweet guy but I don’t know if marrying him is the right thing to do. I am sure people are going to judge me for saying yes to my Fiance, but I do love him, I just don’t know if I have that spark with him like I do with the scorpio. I am scared to let people down and break someones heart. Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Ask Oracle

    So much of confusion 🙂

    First things first, just hold, relax and don’t move ahead in your current relationship. And just like you said you love your Fiance, you can discuss this with him. This will be a truthful step and will test the strength of your relationship with your Fiance. Only honest, respectful and truthful relationships can survive for decades.

    With time, you’ll come across many great opportunites in life, better people, better friends, better homes, better jobs and better partners. There is nothing wrong in chasing better opportunites but you can be really honest and truthful about it. You are just being yourself and other people should know that.

    Regarding the spark and intensity with Scorpio, this could be a temporary thing, I mean for many people it eventually fades away with time and kids/jobs will take over.

    Better sex does not always means long lasting relationships. You should be really with a person with who you are very very very comfortable, relaxed and can be yourself. This relationship comes with lots of freedom, support, open communication and happiness for eachother.

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