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I’m deeply in love with this taurus man, but i need help.

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    Okay, i’m deeply in love with this taurus man. i’m a cancer woman.. he used to be my ex but i left him for a leo 😐 this taurus guy keeps giving me mixed signals, like he talks to me and makes me feel great. We’re not in a relationship yet. should i confess the truth to him, (about how much i love him) or should i wait for him? Oh and he’s an emo, he’s depressed all the time. I really need some help to get him to love me as much as i love him. 

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    I’m a Taurus, and lucky for you I was in a similiar situation with a Cancer woman. We weren’t in a relationship but we had a strong romantic feelings for each other. Anyway, she wound up having sex with another guy (one of my friends) before it could blossom into a relationship. It ruined my perception of her and I couldnt move past it. You see Taurus doesn’t handle breakups really well. It sort of emotionally cripples us and we are very hesitant to let you back in. If you want him, you have to show him you love him. You have to be there for him and show him you’re not going anywhere. Its going to take patience and some time, but if you love him, it will work. Taurus also loves attention and a little jealousy. We love to be desired and valued. Me and the Cancer woman are still friends to this day and I know theres still something between us, but I won’t throw myself out there twice until I know its for real.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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