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in Dilemma about career n marriage!

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    Im pursuing Ba in english,,but i dont want a boring job that english offers! My mother asks me to go for mass communications,my cousins suggest MBA,bt my heart lay in the world of nature,i wish i cud b a volcanologist! bt i know i cant! so,,i want to know what career option shud be best for me! When will i get a job?I want to get it early bcz my family income is deteriorating n i fear bad days soon!What career will make me happy n successful?pls help!i can sing,n mom suggests to start music tutions bt will i have a good future in music?im learning classical indian song for 4 yrs now!My kusthi said i will b a dancer,bt i left dancing!

    The idea of marriage scares me bcz i fear if a marry a bad person! When will i marry?, 21 now,i have a dream character in my imaginations n i want that kind of guy to b my huby,I dream,n think of him! i even day dream about him! He is a well devloped character with particular handsome looks,career n life!I love that personality! Will i ever get such a man? 🙁

    I dont want a bad marriage life like many others, :'(

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