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Is Chris alive and how someone can change like that in 24 hours?

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    I fell crazy in love with Piscian man and I am an Aries woman. For almost 2 months communication is only on his turns, if any. Last time on the phone, he was telling me how much he loves me and thinks about me all the time, how he wants to meet again and we do need to take vacation together.. Next day minimum talk… 2 texts only, short and dry.. Then he tells me he got sick and went to Mayo clinic. I was in panic, he played around it and then said it is something he does every year for tests and check up; and he is going home soon. Texted me goodnight and a kiss same night. Next morning and already two days no matter what he is not responding whatsoever. His phone rings for long time, so it is not turned off or dead, he is not picking up. And not answering text messages. I feel major rejection throughout this relationship and I asked myself do I love myself in this love… answer was “No”. There is some force really strongly attracting me to him, but it is only inside of me… my feeling are not shared. Mainly when he wanted sex and only at my place. Go figure out… And now I don’t know if he is OK or not. Or just changed his mind completely about me.. or there is something or someone else…? Help me, please!!!

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