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is it has to end

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    i just get married for 1 year 8 months. my husband is aquarius n 8 years older than me. now we’ve been sparated for 3 months because some problem between us. many people ask me to get divorce, n now i’m so confused,, i dunno which one is the best for me? is it our relationship really has to end? is it nothing can save anymore? i’m only a woman, divorce is never on my mind before. i dunno how to get through,,, pls help me,,, thanks

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    Astrologically I don’t see anything “so strong” that cannot be overcome through some effort and patience. Divorce looks less likely in near future.

    To fix your relationship, start with your health. Relax more and more. This will help you stay positive.

    Other than this, I learned about this book that has helped a lot of people to recover through their broken lives – The Healing Code

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    can u tell me which one is better for me, get divorce or not? coz along these time, i feel my husband never really care about me, n  now me n his familly relationship is not well more,, i dun want to waste my time for someone not realy belong to me. 

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    To stay in a loveless marriage is useless but my concern is that if there is hate/revenge in your heart that too is imprudent.

    Reason is this hate if not healed fully will affect all aspects of your life. So basically I want to say divorce is not really a solution but end of hate/anger/revenge is.

    Pay more attention to your health, relax and healing will begin. Soon a joy, a happiness, a music will arise. And this is something, no one including your husband can really give to you. At that point you’ll realize what you have been missing throughout your life 🙂


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    yups,, maybe u right,, its time for me to live for myself,, n now in my mind, i want to find a job,, can u help me pls what kind of job is good for me?? i’ve been unemployment for more than 2 years since i got marry.. beside find a job, is it possible for me to have my own bussiness? which one is better for me,, thanks

     Ask Oracle 

    One thing at a time, first fix your personal issues, next take up a job so that you are stable and geared up.

    For the time being avoid business and risks of any kind. You are not very confident right now and things may go wrong.

    You can also find some work online on


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    will just try to work things out with your friend try to talk to him just be confident on your self and fallow your heart

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    I’ve been with an Aquarian for 10 years (6 years married) and i’m telling you it wasn’t easy! I have now found peace in myself and have gained positive energy within me. Now I feel I can get through any problems that arise, I understand him as an individual more and have learnt to trust and love him again (which I thought once it wasn’t possible).

    Listen to Oracle’s advice because the things that he says is exactly what I have done.

    Best of luck


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