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Is it time to let go?

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    I am a Sag and he is a Libra. I met him about 17 months ago. We spent about 6 weeks together. After that time we had to return back to our home states. We shared great time together and really liked each other. Since meeting him he has stayed on my mind. After those 6 weeks we continued to talk on the phone for a few months. After the last time we spoke, around March or April 2011, I got this feeling telling me to let things “be” for a while. After having that feeling I didn’t reach out to him.

    I later found out that he was in a relationship and had a baby on the way (Facebook). I wasn’t happy to see it but I wasn’t sad either. I guess at the time it kinda felt like closure and I was grateful for the time that I was given to spend with him.

    3 months ago he called me. It was the first time that we spoke in about 9 months. We had great conversation as if nothing had changed. He expressed that I am a hard person to forget and that he wanted to call for a while. It seemed to me that he still had feelings for me.

    I respect his family, the fact that he is in a relationship, and is now a father with new responsibilities. That’s why I haven’t reached out to him for the past year; however, I do still have feelings for him. I am not sure if he still has strong feelings for me and is interested in seeing me again or if he is totally in love and happy in his new life. Is this something that I need to let go of?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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