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is my teacher like me?

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    ok im katrina …. i have a problem ….. my problem is … is my teacher in computer ( sir ralph lauren guintu) like me ?he is scorpio man .. 

    (i am a leo woman )Im a student in systems plus college foundation (im 14 yrs old) and im not sure of my teacher in computer like me it is so complicated this is what happen .In september 19 2012 im with my classmate mikaela javier then when we are going back in our school(that time is need to go home )my teacher is coming beside me then he staring at me and then im so nervous i dont no what i will do when he stares at me then i smiled at his front then he smiled me too then that is my  problem that is happening  a little bit everyday…. do all of you think my teacher in computer like me ???please answer me ..

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    You should bring this up with your parents, friends and other teachers. You are too young to go into any serious relationship. You have been warned!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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