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    Will my health ever be optimal without medication?

    Will i get to travel to India this year to study buddhism?

    Will i be able to find a new job that i dont feel trapped in by bordem and repitition?


    My bithday is may 3 1988


    thank you

    Ask Oracle

    I had a few things regarding transits to your natal planets –

    1. New Jupiter cycle is about to begin – hint: rising interest in learning different philosphies, religion or spiritual pursuits.
    2. Transiting moon’s nodes activating your natal Moon, Venus and Mercury.

    So yes you have been moving towards a different life style, and a lot of confusion is there but don’t worry things will settle down…

    Well Buddhism is really more about “experiencing truth” than just accepting what’s there in books or whatever people have to tell. I suggest that you read books by Osho or listen to his discourses to learn more about enlightenment, spirituality, zen, Buddhism until the real opportunity arises.

    Regarding health, it is unlikely to improve on its own. But still you can choose to relax and live a stress free life and it will help you heal.

    As you progress in your meditation, health issues might resolve to your liking. Other than that many alternative health therapies have healed thousands of people. May be you can try them, I found this book simple and effective.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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