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Just found out my Virgo bf married

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    Hello I just found out my Virgo bf of 9yrs is married, here’s the problem he tells me he don’t live there but he goes over because he has kids there plus he met her through his best friend so it’s like a friend/family situation once I found out I told him it was over he says no we can work it out he don’t wanna lose me because their not together , I don’t wanna leave him but I’m scared to stay … What should I do ??I’m torn


    Can’t resist but reply u. He’s ur bf of 9 years? How old are his kids? If younger than 9 means he’s screwing while with you & his poor wife! How u reckon that? Even if older, he’s never there for his family but only bcos of friend/family situation? Did I get this rite? I’m sorry could his excuse be any lamer?

    Of all he’s a Virgo! Gdness & I thought most Virgoans are faithful partners! Well thr’s always a blck sheep isn’t thr? I’m sorry but u asked for an opinion/advice. He’s Bad News. If he loves u, he shud know what to do & shud hv done it 9yrs ago! I won’t tell u what to do. U know the situation better. Rest of us can only read 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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