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    Hey guys, my names Andrew.


    I am 18 years old, May 31, 1995


    I have recently finished highschool and I feel that it is my passion to produce music and I feel that I am on the correct path. 

    I have always thought before that it was a stupid idea until I actually started doing it, and it feels ‘right’.

    Been through dramatic change of events in my life recently hahahaha, you all prob have experienced similar events. But I can say that I am still developing and I feel that my maturity is leading me toward this particular path.


    What do you other fellow gemini’s think? I am curious to hear your thought on my situation.

    Come on, I need answers I would really appreciate any beneficial advice or input.

    Thanks in advance



    Sincerely, a learning gemini

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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