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Leo Man Libra Woman? Are you sure?

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    I’m a Libra woman and we’ve been together for about 7months. I was attracted to his charming smile and masculinity, and when he figure that out, he tried to use it to get out of sticky situations. When he doesn’t feel like talking, its fine, but when I don’t, its hell. He seems to hate making love, all of a sudden, and whenever I try to talk to him about it, he makes excuses and says I shouldn’t be cross with him because sex should be a luxury, not a chore. He gets very angry when I tell him small white lies, but he lies to me and I don’t wanna confront him about it because he will just say something coy and I’ll get mad, and I know I don’t wanna get mad at him. He says he loves me but I shouldn’t expect him to trust me because he’s been hurt before and doesn’t trust women, only to find that’s not entirely true. Honestly, I admire a ‘lion’ man, but anyone can only take so much roaring. Cherry on top, when I tried to talk to him about all this last night and asked him how we’re gonna get through this, he blatantly said why don’t I just dump him. Seriously, I love my fiance but I really don’t know how much more taming I can take. Any advice?


    i’m an librian too and my guy is a leo i face the same problem i treat him just like a kid but in return he hurts me and treats me very bad. since these 3 yrs of our relation i did so much to him that even his wife would not do??? i feel he’s criminal minded and he lies a lot but at times he says out evry thing without even thing once….. he doesnt listen to my advice but always does some thing stupid which later on hurts me. he’s been acting weired since 3 months evryone knows that we are in relation but he blames me for no reason and tell evryone rubbish about me which i never did. he says i slept with more then 7 guys and he tells i forced him to propose me…. i’m just mad behind him with this madness i introduced him to my parents and startd helping him out in business and money matters. i feel some one must me in his life apart from me or must be he’s taken me for granted. please suggest me as i’m feeling stupid about things. he always lets me down even though i did things which his own family could’nt. he’s not proud with wat al i have done more wat else can i do for him to love me bak. i just need love not money. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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