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Leo Woman, Virgo Man, and Libra Man Love Triangle

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    So, here is my problem. I was recently asked to Prom by a Virgo man, myself being a Leo. I was thrilled. I have liked this boy for a long time and I was estatic when I found out he asked me. I then heard from one of my friends that he is gay and his boyfriend is a Libra male. I was confused because he told my friend that he is still attracted to woman, but he is also attracted to men as well (Which I am very open minded and don’t care in the slightest) but here is the root of my problem: I tried to dig up everything I could about a Virgo man and Libra man relationship, because I was curious. He had been telling my friend that he and his boyfriend have been having problems, and me, being the lioness that I am, really want to jump on the opportunity for the Virgo male to be mine, but I don’t want to wedge myself between him and his boyfriend, and as of now, he still has no idea that I know he has a boyfriend, because he wants to tell me himself…so I feel like I’m running around in a circle. I had also heard that he has liked me for a while, but if it turns out the way that I want it to, I don’t want the Libra male to hate me or be hurt… So i am in desperate need of help and advice, and anything you guys can tell me about a male Libra and male Virgo relationship would help quench my curiosity!

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