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Leo women in love with Cancerian Man!!

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    Hello everyone, I am a Lioness….in love with a Cancerian man! He’s the most important thing that’s stepped in my life in forever! Even though we’re 3 years apart…I feel like we’re the same age in some situations, lols! For the short time we’ve known each other (over 6 weeks), I feel like we’ve known each other all our lives. And this isn’t me just talking on this one, he tells me everyday that he feels the same way as I! We’ve grown so attached to each other that it’s crazy! We both realize the changes that we both have made on each others lives during the time we’ve been together! I wake up and fall asleep EVERYDAY and EVERYNIGHT thinking about him and wanting him even more. I tell him everytime I feel a certain way, then come to find out….he’s done the same! I spent the whole day with him the other day, but as he’s dropping me off back home…he pulls off…and I get a text to my phone saying…”I love you, My Queen!!” And I guess he wasn’t expecting my response so fast but it read…”I love you more, My King!!! <3 🙂 ….I woke up this morning wanting to share my new love blossom to everyone in the world!!! So here I am… lols thanxz for listening everyone, hope you all have a wonderful day full of loovvee & happiness!!!

                                         Yours truely,

                                                   “Ms. Jessi Renee”….XoXo’s


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