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Libra woman confused by Aquarius man

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    This is a long distance relationship. Although I don’t feel like I’m in one half the time. He doesn’t text a lot…then he’ll surprise me the next day in work (he works at a different site) and will text me on works text program.

    Things were very hot and heavy in the beginning….he now wants to back off of the physical part, but I know he cares because he sent me a birthday present.  He is currently seperated so I know he has family commitments and is busy, so I don’t expect him to shower me with phone calls and texts all the time.

    I get angry when he goes on vacation to meet up with friends by himself and doesn’t give me much time.  His last comment to me was “I’m not going to sit in my hotel room and text and call people all day because I have friends that I’m seeing”.  That hurt me because if I was on vacation I would be texting and calling him alot…at least when I got back to the room.

    Is he really worth waiting for???


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