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    I am a capricorn married woman with an aquarius husband….

    I truly love my husband, we have a two year old child together…

    My problem in life is (but don’t know if it’s a problem or not) that my husband and I don’t really share much family time together =s He likes his space but feels frustrated because he wants to spend time with us as a family, But at the same time he feels preasured and therefore feels stressed out about it. He’s weird hahaha when he has time to think for few minutes he feels better.

    He usually only thinks about his work and is busy most of the time, back at home in London we hardly spend any time together….is like he is avoiding the fact he has a family and responsibility at home, or maybe family life is too much for him and boring, yet he does like to have us there existing in his life in some sort (if that makes any sense). I have brought up our child most myself as he allways arrives late home and leaves early to work…..It has been like that for several months, I have been really strong and patient. I have spoken with him about this issues, he is aware of his actions and wants to change but finds it very hard.

    His distance really affects me emotionally.

    We have been away from eachother for a month an a half (due to work related reasons for him), I felt relaxed as well as him but have missed eachother dearly. It shows that we do want and need eachother in life.

    Now I came to New York to accompany him…the first week has been Ok…He spent the first weekend with us although wished he was somewhere else working. I do know he likes his freedom and independance and is hard to have us here with him again; I do respect his work and needs of space but at the same time he has responsibilities as a husband and a father too.


    Any advice any one?? It would be greatly appreciated =)


    Ask Oracle

    Give him what he wants but be smart about it. Relationships are all about how beautiful we humans can make them. Its really how creative you can be and fill life with joy and laughter.

    I will give you a hint – His distance really affects me emotionally

    If you pay attention, you are really “fabricating” this up and this is not true. He does something, and your mind makes you think that you are not desirable/loved. But the fact is mind is telling you false stories and making it up. This is essentially low self respect and negative thinking.

    When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited.

    Whenever he spends time with family, make it more fun, playful and less work. You can choose to spend this time playing games, going to some cool and fun place, dancing, singing, laughing and any thing that’s fun and playful. Make it very very very easy and comfortable for him.

    And while he is away, you can work upon your own health, positive thinking and relaxing. I will soon post an article that descibes many ways to bloom like a flower.

    I am sure your problem is not really a problem and can be bursted easily.

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    Thank you so much for your reply, I really needed it. I feel a lot better and more positive now =)

    Looking foward to read your article on the many ways to bloom like a flower.

    Thank you!

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