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Love (cancer/man and Pisces/female)

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    My boyfriend and I recently broke up for reasons unknown. He said that it wasn’t me it was him, but he can’t explain his emotions. His father is currently dying and he says that may be the reason but not sure. We were excellent friends before we started dating, and now he still wants to remain friends. We have a lot in common; same music, events, friends, both vegetarian, and love the outdoors. I am very talkative and he is very shy. Except we always had a good time and always talked when we were alone together. Nothing awkward. He always told me he loved me/cared and never treated me with disrespect. We had a very passionate relationship and enjoyed the simple things like hanging out watching movies and listening to music. He never got me flowers or anything, but I never wanted that. I just wanted to be around him. I thought he felt the same, but one day he just said “he didn’t love me” and it happened in one or two days. I would drive three nights a week to see him an hour away. He would drive once a week cause he was saving money for in case his father passed away. I never cared if we went on dates. That isn’t me. We would go on little dates once every two-three weeks but nothing big. He made/makes me smile still a lot.

    We recently went to the beach together after the break up and he was smiling and very happy. He paid for little things for me, just because. He had no reason. We acted like we were still dating/or had feelings for each other. He would hug me, hold me, and give me eye contact all three nights. While everyone else claimed the beds I got stuck on the floor and he pulled up a pillow and slept next to me. He was smiling when I woke up and we were flirting like we were when we were dating. 

    Even though we are not together, I just have a love for him that I can’t explain. I have recently gotten into horroscopes from my friend. And she told me that Pisces and Cancers are a great love compatiblitly. I don’t know much..


    Hey dont worry, if your love is true you can surely win, first of all try to locate the exact reason, and move accordingly, leave a gap of your dating, let him feel your absence, vice versa your need! make him jealous in some way, but in a carefull manner, because reading a piscesian mind is difficult, if it dose’nt work u should change yourself, world is big, dont loose hope, your confidence will take you towards happiness.

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