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love Gemini woman an Aries man

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    There is an ares male that I am still in love with after 2months separation. We fell in love within days of meeting each other and felt that was it. We became distant after a few weeks apart and because of my jealously of his affection to other girls,  he consistently lied about many little things until we split in anger and resentment. I was devastated and still cared about him, when I asked him if he could just tell me he was fine and bring closure and answers to our short lived love, he responded that he didn’t feel the same anymore. After a month of casually talking,  he expressed at first a love for someone else he loves and within a few weeks,  he told me he liked me agan. After one evening together,  he said I was making him think about if he should be faithful to me. He wanted to have relations,  I reminded him as christians that it’d be immoral, especially since we aren’t together. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious by his comment, “Im confused, I tthought spending the evening together made it official. This past weekend has been filled with endless attempts by him to get me to go see him around my busy schedule. (His schedule was his reason for us not seeing each other when we were together at first. Ihave faith in God that whatever is meant to happen will. I adore, admire, sincerely love this person including everything about him,  despite our quarrels. I want to know if we ARE supposed to and/or going to be together.And if we are, if me giving him his Aries space (04/09/1993) and remaining loving, patient will have a positive effect on our relationship. I’ve read many things about the aries invluding that ifsmothered or clingy, like jealousy they’ll run. It also cautioned that unhappy aries not getting his way will throw tantrums, which he did while I was also frustrated by the bad timing to not see him while he really wanted to as well. I’ve refrained from contacting him since his tantrum and its been 5days now that I have yet to hear from him.

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