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love or flirt

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    m just chatting with a guy from months..just my classmate.once i approached him,very simple talk abt exams,but he’d  never approached me in class or clg.I also’ve confessed that i like him during a chat.Once,i’ve written a poem as my status,he  commented another poem as a reply.I think no one would like to waste his time to write a poem fr smbdy until n unless he/she ‘ve some feelings.M nt able to read nything from weaks..just obsessed with his thoughts.i’ve stopped my condition goes worse everyday.If i try to ignore him,more i cry in my room.i want him to talk to me at my face..

    so wt do u think…is he flirting with me from past 5 months..or just afraid to tell me the truth?or this is just my immaturity to take it as a love????

    Ask Oracle

    Whatever one understands about love from movies, books, newspapers is false information. Love is a different game and never becomes a source of confusion and problems.

    Your problem is simply this – you don’t know what Love is and that’s why so much confusion.

    Do you think your parents Love you? have they exchanged poetry with you? what about others who you know from childhood… don’t they love you? have they done anything “special” for you?

    There is no use of avoiding him and ignoring him and wanting him to “act” the way you want him to. He’s as confused as you are, and unfortunately you can’t teach him or anyone else.

    Some part of your obsession is because he is thinking about you as well, non-stop 24 hours.

    Love is a game of patience, and more relaxed attitude towards everything. You can be truthful and honest about your feelings/emtions but do not overload him with your needs and demands and burden. Try to be great friends first and get to know eachother really well. Love is another name for a very deep acceptance.

    All the best 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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