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Loving your bestfriend :/

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    Im a gemini guy, and shes a taurus girl. We’re best friends, like brother and sister. We’ve been this way since kindergarden, as if we were destined to be best friends/ brother and sister. But I have developed deep feelings for her that I know are real and sincere. But she only sees us as brother and sister. Our friendship is far to great to risk, but at the same time im willing to take that risk to be with her forever. Question is, when’s the right time? I admit I am only a teen, but I know what I’m talking about here. Please no objections as to me being a teen and being in love. I just want some answers. Im willing to dedicate my all for her. Even if our compatiility article says we have only somewhat of a chance together.

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    Can’t you see its really neediness than what they call Love. You want her to be different than who she is. At your age, a lot of hormonal changes happen in human bodies and its perfectly okay to have desires for someone but that’s not really Love.

    Its perfectly okay to express your feelings to her, but not in a way that is demanding, controlling or fearful. Also it would not be very wise to worry about future or making plans for entire life time.

    If she sees you as a bro, that too is perfectly okay and is a form of Love. You can find a better partner for yourself and enjoy both the relationships at the same time, why cling to just one girl?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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