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    I am gemni ascendent according to vedic astrology, Mars is my ruler according to numerology calculation of name and DOB. Western astrology suggests cancer to be my rising sign. I have faced broken heart many a times/ ruined financial situation and loss of relationships. what is the reason and what is the remedy.My name is rizwann, DOB 9-12-1977, time evening 7 o clock in Karachi, Pakistan.

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    Well, if I enter 7PM, I get Capricorn ascendant but if I enter 7AM I get Gemini asc. Following info applies for your chart created using 7PM.

    Currently you are deeply affected by Rahu-Ketu transit to your 5th-11th house which contain Sun, Moon and Venus together. Lots of confusion, anxiety and unnecessary conflicts will arise. The best thing you can do to yourself is just relax more and more until this phase passes. Strange things can happen for no reason, and you can’t much about it so just let go and avoid unnecessary thinking. Relax.

    Broken heart roblems are mainly because of poor Sun, Moon positions in your chart. Moon is debiliated, combust, 7th lord and Sun is 8th Lord with Moon and Venus. Basically the problem is rooted in your low self image and confidence.

    Try Venus related stones, diamond is one option otherwise simply get a Silver chain with a nice silver pendant. 🙂

    Finances will improve by next year and you can take up some health program, personality development, meditation etc. to boost your self confidence and increase your inner capacity to earn money. 🙂

    Also please consider doing some charity and help the needy (esp. old women) from time to time. Soon all your problems will disappear.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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