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Male Capricorn’s reactions to some scenarios?

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    Hello everyone.

    I’m a Libra female and have developed romantic feelings for a Capricorn male and soon to be former colleague of mine. before making any move that would make a fool of myself I decided to ask for help from you lovely people here. I have read about Cap’s characteristics yet I’m going to present you with hypothetical situations to have an idea what I’m potentialy getting myself into:

    – how does Cap. male react to being approached by opposite sex ( preferably a Libra)? does his reserved and traditional personality find that person shallow and not worth of his time?

    – how would he react to the surprising news of becoming a father unexpectedly? (meaning he normally plans everything and this happens out of his plans?

    -let’s say his Libra partner finds herself in an emotionally distressing state ( loss of a loved one, miscarriage…) would he be emotionally supportive or she is left alone hugging the pillow instead?

    – how would a Capricorn react to a not necessarily dark and yet unpleasant past of his Libra partner. would this simply dry up the love and he would silently take his leave or would stay and raise hell for the partner for her dishonesty?

    – how would a Capricorn react if he finds out his life partner is terminally ill or dying?

    not all the questions directely apply to me ,yet knowledge is power,right?

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