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    we have decided to marry in june of 2012 im wondering what are the best dates and time for aries female and taurus male?

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    my future predication about my marriage

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    @leilei Yes its important to select an auspicious timing for marriage. It could make a significant difference as far as harmony and happiness are concerned.

    In general, dates between 15th June to 30th June are good and especially the last week of June, 2012 is very auspicious. But this is a sensitive matter and exact date will depend of birth charts of both the individuals. Please consult a local vedic astrologer expert in muhurta calculations.

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    @poonamnaik1982 I quickly studied your birth chart and here are the details –
    1) Planet Venus is afflicted through Mars and Saturn.
    2) Planet Moon is afflicted through Ketu and Mars.

    Not a good sign as far as happiness and harmony in love/romantic relationships is concerned.

    I would suggest that you consult a local astrologer regarding this and you could meet with some challenges after 2012 as transiting Saturn will aspect your natal Sun and Moon simultaneously and Jupiter will go into 6th house from Moon and then from Ascendant.


    i m born on 6.10.1986 n my bf is born on marriage possible for us.if yes den when n how?if no den wat shall i do/


    n also i want to know abt my bf job.he is continously facing problems at home n no job so too depressed.i wanahelp him but dont kno how?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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