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    Hi oracle. I’m 25 yearsold. I’ve been married for 5 years. My husband has always been a bit on the verbally abusive side. His birthday 11-8-1979 and my question is, when will I be free of him for good? I know sticking around in this loveless marriage for the kids is not healthy. But I’m still young. And I wanna be free and be with someone like myself who is a romantic free spirited person. Please tell me when I can fly again. 🙁

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    There are a few imp. things –

    Life comes with no guarantess and warranties. And that’s how it is. You may leave this person and find a new one who might prove to be even worse partner.

    Yes if you are not happy in this relationship, it makes little sense abt sticking around for anything but that’s only half part of your question. The other part about finding a new partner is a risky thing.

    Every person has some weakness but also has some nice things about their personality. A person may do a 1000 or more good things for you but just one thing that goes wrong can turn the outcome of any relationship.

    Time to fly again and be free is not now and will come in near future but you also need to understand the price tag which comes along with being free. Some deep understanding about Life is needed from you.

    You husband has been abusive, but he must be suffering so much that he can’t help but spit it out. Unfortunately he throws it out all on you. May be he can try some exercises that will help reduce his suffering and anger with life.

    Venting out anger, hate, suffering etc. are thing which can be easily worked upon. Breathing exercises, meditations etc. are all helpful for both of you.


    I was married for 1 year, and I wanted to be married still with the same guy but, he was starting to abuse me…verbally, physically and emotionally…That night when I asked him we can work out the relationship, he threw me out – He said that a couple that could not gel with each other should not be together. At first three months of separation, I was totally destroyed. Always crying-suffering. I know the marriage seemed not happy as his family did not accept me..and when his ex-gf came into the picture, I suddenly disappeared. I wanted my ex-husband to be happy…and yet, after 1 year, I realized nobody can make you happy, or nobody can be happy without being happy yourself. So…I opted for a divorce. I think that is the most humane way to actually give each other the freedom…to be both happy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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