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me and my ex-boyfriend

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    in december/25/2009

    i had aboyfriend he was the first and the first guy i had ever loved in my life on july 2012 he want to break up with me he didnt tell me why i dont know whats the reason

    on january 1/2011 added him just to see if he still remember jme i just want to know why did he broke up with me 

    we chatted then we keep on arguing about our past i feel jelouse everytime he talks with his ex-gilfriend and he feels jelouse if he saw me talking with his bestfriend i dont know even why me and his bestfriend dont even have a relationship in the past ,,,

    then on january/26/2012

    i added him on facebook he asked me do u still love me ? i told him yes i do still do love u more than before

    now we r together again after two years i just wanna ask if this love will ever last forever

    we are planning for engagement in the future

    can are relationship ever work toghether?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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