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My capricorn man broke up with me but keep texting me

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    Hello, i need your advice and help on this..
    Im a virgo woman (27) and dated this capricorn guy(31) for about 4 months. We live in defferent cities(2hours by car), and met in another city where we were both working for the summer. He initiated things, and usually he was the one to call me/text me… We were seeing each other every day while summer, i even lived in his place for a week.  On our third date he ask me what do i think about us.. i didnt answer because it was too soon for me.. then he asked me again.. and i said its better to see what happens. When i left, and went back to my hometown we were both missing each other verry much, everyday he would call me or write me in facebook. He came in my hometown 2-3 times, and i visited him there also a couople of times. He was sometimes jealous, he didnt have much faith in me, i had my doubts too, but we were in a realtionship.

    But then he left to work in another city which is far. Then things got bad, i was nagging because i needed more attention, and he started to act nervous and get mad. I asked him if he wants to be with me, and told him that i need to feel happy and nurtured, for three days he didnt replied. Then he wrote me, but didnt answer my question. I asked him if he wants to break up, he said yes. He said that he sees that im not happy and he doesnt want to hurt me, so its better to break up. He said that i can call him, when im ready?! I was crushed and said ok. Next day he texted me again, acting like everythings the same. I talked to him but said that i think its better to not talk. He was making plans, about me visiting him there before we broke up, calling me everyday and then he suddenly chainged. 

    Its been one month.. and he keep texting me, and i keep answering beacause i miss him. We keep talking to each other, he still calls me names, like we’re in a relationship. He says he miss me and hes feeling sad, and that there is no other girl. But we’re still separated. I dont get it. I decided to call him today, to see how is he doing, while talking, whithout asking him, he said he didnt call me before, because he wanted me to call him when im ready. I dont understand it, ready for what? To be friends without bad feelings, to come back to him, what? And he keeps calling me “babe” “kiss, kiss..” and that kind of stuff even on the phone. Is he taking his time while he’s away to distance from the relationship to see what he trully wants? But we’re not in a relationship anymore. I rly miss him and cry about him, i know he did too, when we broke up. I asked why do we have to break up when we still miss each other and he said that i can see.. its just not working..Is it possible that he comes back to me? Why he still calls me names and still contacts me?  Please, share your thoughts about this, and if you have been in a similar situation, what do you think? 

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