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my married life

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    i was really happy when i got married but the day after my wedding night things were getting worse . my husband is a very quite person he speaks less but the problem i am having with him is he does not like to have sex and he even does not like to give hugs and kissess this thing is making me mentally ill day by day as he doesnt give me compliments or he doesnt acknowldge me . i agreed on it that i will not do sex with him or will not force him to do so but i just want a comfertable happy married life .. plz tell me wat to do?? i m worried

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    That can be complicated. You want something and he doesn’t have it. Now how to get it?

    You can’t change him, and may be not want to change him because that will hurt his own balance and outcomes may be not encouraging.

    You need a plan to a) Keep marriage alive and joyful and b) Work slowly to improve your husband’s health (and mindset).

    Actually you don’t have to depend on him, and an easy way to get what you want is, take a pillow, think that its your partner and now hug it/kiss it and do whatever you want with it. Ofcourse its not real but can be a helpful substitute. All desires come in waves, they come and go, so this technique will help with that.

    Other than this, quietness of your husband (without any deep spiritual interests) indicates a health problem. It could be physical or mental as in suppressesed thoughts.

    Breathing exercises can be very helpful, if you both can take up pranayama, it will help to break past habits and sickness. You both can take up an Art of Living course in your area or if you can’t, simply learn from this website – Eiriu Eolas

    I can say your husband has some health problem, it could be depression and he might not want to take up any health program. Discussions won’t help and may even worsen the situation.

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