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my puzzling cancer man….

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    hi all,

    iam a pisces woman in relationship with a cancer man ..its truly like a match made in heaven as evryone thinks..

    but off late i feel really disturbed by my cancer man’s distant n aloof attitude.he used to be so loving n caring on me, suddenly things changed…he recently switched to a new job and moved to a new place…but i feel he has also moved away from me…

    Initially i kept telling myself that he would come back to me and he needs his own private space to deal things. but as days passed situation seem to get only worsened.he keeps telling me hes super busy and preoccupied with other things.what leaves me confused is that why cant he give me even few minutes a day. What is the value of a relationship if one is not ready to spend even few minutes for his loved one. he tells me that he misses me a lot but doesnt bother even to talk with me for many days.

    iam really getting impatient with his puzzling attitude.In the past he would never neglect me for even a day, used to pamper me wid his love n care.suddenly he behaves as though he lives in another world. I love him a lot n trust him. but i need my feelings to be respected as well.The problem with us is that we feel each other even without words….a typical pisces n cancer match!!!

    I have a feeling that iam being least important to him these days.Iam dying every moment to talk to him, but he is so busy with other things.Iam not demanding too much, just expecting him to text me or spend few minutes every day…..if he cant spare even a bit of time for me then that makes me feel insecured….i get depressed longing for him…he tells me that i dont undertsand his situation and expect too much.

    iam trying to understand him but i think if this continues then the gap between us will keep widening…..i dont wanna lose him at the same time I cant fight this depression of being neglected…..:(

    can anyone advice me on how to deal with this ??? im sure there are some piscean gals having a similar experience with a cancer guy….would be very grateful if someone could help solve this…….

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