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Not So Typical Capricorn Man Behaviour.?

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    I recently met a Capricorn man online and we hit it off immediately. He is in the same country as I am but a ways away. He was supposed to come and visit after Xmas but has already booked his flights and will be coming to see me in 10 days. He made it very clear that he was not expecting anything sexual and to not worry my pretty head that his intentions are genuine. We are getting along very well. We text continuously and talk on the phone as much as we can. He seems to have a very strong Capricorn personality (which I see as quite positive) and even has most of the usual physical characteristics associated with this sign. What is confusing me a bit is that he started calling me babe, honey, baby, sweetheart etc… the day after we started texting. He now refers to himself as “my man” and actually gushes at how happy he is that he makes me happy and how lucky he feels. He also stated that he will be hanging around and that he is all mine after I inquired about his intentions after his visit. He has also said on more than one occasion that I am number 1 and the only one. I call his house and when his flat mates answer they tell him that his girl is on the line and everyone can hear him call me baby. From what I understand this is not typical Capricorn behaviour. We have been corresponding for a month now and we are obviously growing closer daily. Can someone please shed some light on his behaviour? What should I make of it? I am crazy about him but cautious not to get hurt. I am a Cancer.

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