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    God the Merciful
    I had sent to maney professors at universities for a PHD course via email.unfortunately I have not got any response. Please help to know the name of the country and the university, which has strong possibilty  to accept me as a(PHD student accompanied with Scholarship) in any way of prediction (astrological or other)  My full name is: Waleed Ahmed Mohammed Hussein Ahmed (Mohammed Hussein is one name) and I’m born  in 8/DEC/1981 and my mother  known name  in the neighborhood and the extended family is: Leila. And her known name  to the  workplace: Thuria .Please speed in response. And I was born in the city of Khartoum(SUDAN capital) on Tuesday (at 12:43 pm) in the “Soba” Area (“Soba” is south-  Suburban to  Khartoum city Sudan).

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