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Pisces-Capricorn relationship

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    I am a divorcee Capricorn Woman(DOB-18/01/1976 Time-13:25 p.m. Day of Birth Sunday Place of Birth-Kolkata, West Bengal India) in love with a Pisces Man(awaiting divorcee)-(DOB-06/03/1976) Time-03:18 a.m. Day of Birth-Saturday Place of Birth-Pune, Maharashtra India).He showed interest first and now he does not seem to be involved at all. He has stopped all communication for the past one month.He only chats unwillingly and only when when I pursue chatting.Should I continue with this relationship?I want to know if the man is serious, and has genuine interest in marrying after his divorce?Will this relationship  ever culiminate into marriage and when? Is this marrige wiill be a happy one in the long run?I have read the Capricorn and Pisces compatibility and it says so psitiive thing about the union,but in real life why it is so diddicult and different?I am utterly disturbed and confused. Please reply.


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